• Application of Smirnov words to waiting time distributions of runs 

      Freiberg, Uta; Heuberger, Clemens; Prodinger, Helmut (Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 2017)
      Consider infinite random words over a finite alphabet where the letters occur as an i.i.d. sequence according to some arbitrary distribution on the alphabet. The expectation and the variance of the waiting time for the ...
    • The asymptotic number of binary codes and binary matroids 

      Wild, Marcel (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2006-08)
      The asymptotic number of nonequivalent binary n-codes is determined. This is also the asymptotic number of nonisomorphic binary matroids on n elements.
    • Benchmarking multi-rate codon models 

      Delport, Wayne; Scheffler, Konrad; Gravenor, Mike B.; Muse, Spencer V.; Pond, Sergei Kosakovsky (Public Library of Science, 2010-07-21)
      The single rate codon model of non-synonymous substitution is ubiquitous in phylogenetic modeling. Indeed, the use of a non-synonymous to synonymous substitution rate ratio parameter has facilitated the interpretation of ...
    • Biocapacity optimization in regional planning 

      Guo, Jianjun; Yue, Dongxia; Li, Kai; Hui, Cang (Nature Research, 2017)
      Ecological overshoot has been accelerating across the globe. Optimizing biocapacity has become a key to resolve the overshoot of ecological demand in regional sustainable development. However, most literature has focused ...
    • Calculating the output distribution of stack filters that are erosion-dilation cascades, in particular LULU-filters 

      Anguelov, R.; Butler, P. W.; Rohwer, C. H.; Wild, Marcel (Cornell University Library, 2011)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Two procedures to compute the output distribution 0S of certain stack filters S (so called erosion-dilation cascades) are given. One rests on the disjunctive normal form of S and also yields the rank ...
    • Canonical trees, compact prefix-free codes, and sums of unit fractions: a probabilistic analysis 

      Heuberger, Clemens; Krenn, Daniel; Wagner, Stephan (SIAM, 2015)
      For fixed t ≥ 2, we consider the class of representations of 1 as a sum of unit fractions whose denominators are powers of t, or equivalently the class of canonical compact t-ary Huffman codes, or equivalently rooted ...
    • Capturing spiral radial growth of conifers using the superellipse to model tree-ring geometric shape 

      Shi, Pei-Jian; Huang, Jian-Guo; Hui, Cang; Grissino-Mayer, Henri D.; Tardif, Jacques C.; Zhai, Li-Hong; Wang, Fu-Sheng; Li, Bai-Lian (Frontiers Media, 2015)
      Tree-rings are often assumed to approximate a circular shape when estimating forest productivity and carbon dynamics. However, tree rings are rarely, if ever, circular, thereby possibly resulting in under- or over-estimation ...
    • Co-authorship networks in South African chemistry and mathematics 

      Durbach, I. N.; Naidoo, D.; Mouton, J. (Academy of Science for South Africa, 2008)
      Co-authorship networks are graphs in which the nodes of the graph represent authors and two authors are connected by an edge if they have written one or more papers together. When applied to the authorship of scholarly ...
    • Codon test : modeling amino acid substitution preferences in coding sequences 

      Delport, Wayne; Scheffler, Konrad; Botha, Gordon; Gravenor, Mike B.; Muse, Spencer V.; Pond, Sergei L. Kosakovsky (PLOS Computational Biology, 2010-08)
      Codon models of evolution have facilitated the interpretation of selective forces operating on genomes. These models, however, assume a single rate of non-synonymous substitution irrespective of the nature of amino acids ...
    • Combining uncertainties in a court of law using Bayesian networks 

      Muller, M. A. (Obiter Law Journal: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), Faculty of Law, 2017)
      People generally have difficulty dealing with the counter-intuitive notion of probability, and therefore they often misunderstand aspects of uncertainty. This is particularly significant in a court of law when for example ...
    • Compactly generating all satisfying truth assignments of a horn formula 

      Wild, Marcel (Delft University in cooperation with IOS Press, 2012-01)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: While it was known that all models of a Horn formula can be generated in outputpolynomial time, here we present an explicit algorithm as opposed to the rather vague oracle-scheme suggested in the proof ...
    • A comparison of elasticities of viral levels to specific immune response mechanisms in human immunodeficiency virus infection 

      Showa, Sarudzai P.; Nyabadza, Farai; Hove-Musekwa, Senelani D.; Magombedze, Gesham (BioMed Central, 2014-10)
      Background The presence of an asymptomatic phase in an HIV infection indicates that the immune system can partially control the infection. Determining the immune mechanisms that contribute significantly to the partial ...
    • Computational and theoretical analysis of human diseases associated with infectious pathogens 

      Noutchie, Suares Clovis Oukouomi; Kwuimy, Cedrick Aurelien Kitio; Tewa, Jean Jules; Nyabadza, Farai; Bildik, Necdet (Hindawi, 2015)
      Mathematical models and computer simulations are useful experimental tools for building and testing theories, assessing quantitative conjectures, answering specific questions, determining sensitivities to changes in parameter ...
    • Computing the output distribution of a stack filter from the DNF of its positive Boolean function 

      Wild, Marcel (Cornell University Library, 2010)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The majority of nonlinear filters used in practise are stack filters. An algorithm is presented which calculates the output distribution of an arbitrary stack filter S from the disjunctive normal form ...
    • Computing various types of lattices freely generated by posets 

      Wild, Marcel (Edizioni CERFIM Centro di Ricerche in Fisica e MatematicaResearch Center for Mathematics and Physics - Locarno - Switzerland, 2000)
      see item for abstract
    • Correcting the bias of empirical frequency parameter estimators in codon models 

      Kosakovsky Pond, Sergei; Delport, Wayne; Muse, Spencer V.; Scheffler, Konrad (Public Library of Science -- PLOS, 2010-07)
      Markov models of codon substitution are powerful inferential tools for studying biological processes such as natural selection and preferences in amino acid substitution. The equilibrium character distributions of these ...
    • Decomposing the hypercube Qn into n isomorphic edge-disjoint trees 

      Wagner, Stephan; Wild, Marcel (Elsevier, 2012-02)
      The problem of finding edge-disjoint trees in a hypercube arises for example in the context of parallel computing [3]. Independently of applications it is of high aesthetic appeal. The hypercube of dimension n, denoted ...
    • The definable (Q, Q)-theorem for distal theories 

      Boxall, Gareth; Kestner, Charlotte (Association for Symbolic Logic, 2018)
      Answering a special case of a question of Chernikov and Simon, we show that any non-dividing formula over a model M in a distal NIP theory is a member of a consistent definable family, definable over M.
    • Detecting individual sites subject to episodic diversifying selection 

      Murrell, Ben; Wertheim, Joel O.; Moola, Sasha; Weighill, Thomas; Scheffler, Konrad; Pond, Sergei L. Kosakovsky (Public Library of Science, 2012-07-02)
      The imprint of natural selection on protein coding genes is often difficult to identify because selection is frequently transient or episodic, i.e. it affects only a subset of lineages. Existing computational techniques, ...
    • The development of a spatio-temporal model for water hyacinth biological control strategies 

      Van Schalkwyk, Helene; Potgieter, Linke; Hui, Cang (University of Georgia, 2016)
      A reaction-diffusion model for a temporally variable and spatially heterogeneous environment is developed to mathematically describe the spatial dynamics of water hyacinth and the interacting populations of the various ...