• Why does not the leaf weight-area allometry of bamboos follow the 3/2-power law? 

      Lin, Shuyan; Shao, Lijuan; Hui, Cang; Song, Yu; Reddy, Gadi V. P.; Gielis, Johan; Li, Fang; Ding, Yulong; Wei, Qiang; Shi, Peijian (Frontiers Media, 2018)
      The principle of similarity (Thompson, 1917) states that the weight of an organism follows the 3/2-power law of its surface area and is proportional to its volume on the condition that the density is constant. However, the ...
    • Visibility problems related to skip lists 

      Prodinger, Helmut (Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia, 2018)
      For sequences (words) of geometric random variables, visibility problems related to a sun positioned in the north-west are considered. This leads to a skew version of such words. Various parameters are analyzed, such as ...
    • Upscaling biodiversity : estimating the species–area relationship from small samples 

      Kunin, William E.; Harte, John; He, Fangliang; Hui, Cang; Jobe, R. Todd; Ostling, Annette; Polce, Chiara; Sizling, Arnost; Smith, Adam B.; Smith, Krister; Smart, Simon M.; Storch, David; Tjorve, Even; Ugland, Karl‐Inne; Ulrich, Werner; Varma, Varun (Ecological Society of America, 2018)
      The challenge of biodiversity upscaling, estimating the species richness of a large area from scattered local surveys within it, has attracted increasing interest in recent years, producing a wide range of competing ...
    • Spatial segregation facilitates the coexistence of tree species in temperate forests 

      Shi, Peijian; Gao, Jie; Song, Zhaopeng; Liu, Yanhong; Hui, Cang (MDPI, 2018)
      Competition between plants has an important role during the natural succession of forest communities. Niche separation between plants can reduce such interspecific competition and enable multispecies plant to achieve ...
    • Quantifying multiple-site compositional turnover in an Afrotemperate forest, using zeta diversity 

      Hui, Cang; Vermeulen, Wessel; Durrheim, Graham (SpringerOpen, 2018)
      Background: Species turnover is typically measured by partitioning diversity components into alpha and pairwise beta diversity. However, alpha and beta components cannot express the full spectrum of multiple-site ...
    • Parabolic curve fitting study subject to Joule heating in MHD thermally stratified mixed convection stagnation point flow of Eyring-Powell fluid induced by an inclined cylindrical surface 

      Rehman, Khalil-Ur; Malik, M. Y.; Makinde, O. D. (Elsevier, 2018)
      The current analysis is carried out to envision the properties of magneto-hydrodynamic boundary layer stagnation point flow of Eyring-Powell (non-Newtonian) fluid induced by an inclined stretching cylindrical surface in ...
    • On the distribution of subtree orders of a tree 

      Ralaivaosaona, Dimbinaina; Wagner, Stephan (University of Primorska, 2018)
      We investigate the distribution of the number of vertices of a randomly chosen subtree of a tree. Specifically, it is proven that this distribution is close to a Gaussian distribution in an explicitly quantifiable way if ...
    • On spanning sets and generators of near-vector spaces 

      Howell, Karin-Therese; Sanon, Sogo Pierre (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2018)
      In this paper we study the quasi-kernel of certain constructions of near-vector spaces and the span of a vector. We characterize those vectors whose span is one-dimensional and those that generate the whole space.
    • Near-vector spaces constructed from near domains 

      Howell, Karin-Therese; Sanon, Sogo Pierre (Miskolci Egyetemi Kiado, 2018)
      In this paper we prove some new results on near-vector spaces and near domains and give a first application of the nearring of quotients with respect to a multiplicative set, namely we construct a new class of near-vector ...
    • Influence of rotation on transversely isotropic piezoelectric rod coated with a thin film 

      Selvamani, Rajendran; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel (Polish Academy of Sciences, 2018)
      In this paper, the influence of rotation on axisymmetric waves of a piezoelectric rod coated with a thin film is studied using constitutive form linear theory elasticity and piezo-electric equations. Potential functions ...
    • Hofstadter point spectrum trace and the almost Mathieu operator 

      Ouvry, Stephane; Wagner, Stephan; Wu, Shuang (AIP, 2018)
      We consider point spectrum traces in the Hofstadter model. We show how to recover the full quantum Hofstadter trace by integrating these point spectrum traces with the appropriate free density of states on the lattice. ...
    • Growing and destroying Catalan–Stanley trees 

      Hack, Benjamin; Prodinger, Helmut (Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, 2018)
      Stanley lists the class of Dyck paths where all returns to the axis are of odd length as one of the many objects enumerated by (shifted) Catalan numbers. By the standard bijection in this context, these special Dyck paths ...
    • Dynamical phase transition in drifted Brownian motion 

      Nyawo, Pelerine Tsobgni; Touchette, Hugo (American Physical Society, 2018)
      We study the occupation fluctuations of drifted Brownian motion in a closed interval and show that they undergo a dynamical phase transition in the long-time limit without an additional low-noise limit. This phase transition ...
    • Drivers of species turnover vary with species commonness for native and alien plants with different residence times 

      Latombe, Guillaume; Richardson, David M.; Pysek, Petr; Kucera, Tomas; Hui, Cang (Ecological Society of America, 2018)
      Communities comprising alien species with different residence times are natural experiments allowing the assessment of drivers of community assembly over time. Stochastic processes (such as dispersal and fluctuating ...
    • The definable (Q, Q)-theorem for distal theories 

      Boxall, Gareth; Kestner, Charlotte (Association for Symbolic Logic, 2018)
      Answering a special case of a question of Chernikov and Simon, we show that any non-dividing formula over a model M in a distal NIP theory is a member of a consistent definable family, definable over M.