Frontiers of vegetation science : an evolutionary angle

Mucina, L. ; Kalwij, J. M. ; Smith, V. R. ; Chytry, M. ; White, P. S. ; Cilliers, S. S. ; Pillar, V. D. ; Zobel, M. ; Sun, I-F. (2008)

CITATION: Mucina, L. et al. 2008. Frontiers of vegetation science : an evolutionary angle. Keith Phillips Images, Somerset West.

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The main focus of the symposium is to seek links between vegetation science and evolutionary biology and the formation of platforms in cooperation between these major scientific fields. The title of our meeting – “Frontiers of Vegetation Science—An Evolutionary Angle”– alludes symbolically to the challenges that vegetation science as a discipline is currently facing. Technologically driven progress in evolutionary research is changing the face of many traditional biological sciences. Vegetation science, should (and to some extent already does) react to this new phase of evolutionary research by reaching out to ecological disciplines traditionally closer to evolutionary biology (population biology, palaeo-ecology) and implementing tools of evolutionary research in explaining structure and dynamics of vegetation. The field of interaction and cooperation is enormous and is ripe for exploration and discovery. The major aim of our meeting is to extend the interface and to deepen the cooperation between the evolutionary research and vegetation science.

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