The effect of scoring during flower induction or the initiation phase on return bloom in Pyrus communis L

Reynolds, L. P. ; Jacobs, G. ; Theron, K. I. (2005-04)

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The influence of scoring during the flower induction phase was investigated. Pear trees, Pyrus communis L. cv. Doyenne du Comice, Forelle and Rosemarie were used in the study, conducted in the Western Cape, South Africa. The yield of ‘Doyenne du Comice’ increased by 38% in scored trees compared to the control. The increase in yield was due to 50% more fruits on the scored trees than on the control trees. The increase in fruit number per tree was due to a higher percentage of reproductive buds per tree and the improved quality of these buds. Scoring of ‘Rosemarie’ at the correct time resulted in a 40% increase in reproductive buds. Scoring disrupts basipetal transport in the phloem, which results in the removal of apical dominance and an increase in root-derived cytokinins. More meristems can respond to inductive conditions and the higher concentration of cytokinins during inductive conditions leads to improved flower quality.

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