Die effek van 'n beroepsvoorligtingsprogram op die loopbaanvolwassenheid van leerders van histories-benadeelde gemeenskappe in Suid-Afrika

Van der Vyver, Amanda
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
Learners in historical disadvantaged communities in South Africa are not taught enough about, or prepared for careers and are career immature. The study tests the effect of career counseling programs on the career maturity of these learners. A career-counselling program was presented as an intervention to grade 10 learners from a school in a historically disadvantaged community. Career maturity was measured before and after the intervention by using the Career Development Questionnaire. The programme incorporated aspects of knowledge of one self, knowledge of careers, the integration of these two aspects and career planning. The differences between the pretest and posttest scores were analysed to determine if the intervention was successful in improving career maturity. Eighty-one subjects were used in the study, 46 making up the experimental group and 35 subjects used as control group. The experimental group received the intervention, while the control group continued going to school counselling classes which did not include any career guidance. Subjects in the experimental group completed Meyer-interest questionnaires and questionnaires on values and abilities. They also completed an additional questionnaire which was drawn up by the researcher. The results showed that there was no difference between the pretest and posttest scores. A pilot study was conducted to determine whether an individual approach to career counselling would have a better effect on these learners. Five learners were tested in a similar way, but the intervention they received was presented individually. Results showed an increase, although insignificant, in the career maturity scores of the subjects. The conclusion that was drawn is that an individual approach to career counseling may be the solution to the low career maturity among learners from historical disadvantaged communities, and that this kind of approach should be incorporated into the school counseling syllabus. Further research should be done in this area.
Thesis (MSc (Psychology))--University of Stellenbosch, 2006.
Vocational guidance, Educational counseling, Children with social disabilities -- South Africa, Emotional intelligence, Dissertations -- Psychology, Theses -- Psychology