Implementering van ‘n personeelprestasiebestuurstelsel deur maatskaplikewerkbestuurders in diens van Departement Maatskaplike Ontwikkeling

Nolan, Tassia
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
The primary objective of this study is to establish a holistic view of performance managementsystem in the Provincial Government and to assess the extent of implementation and the application of performance management, together with the challenges facing the social work managers in this regard. Furthermore it sought to identify the gaps and key priorities required for effective and efficient performance management processes. The study was preceded by a comprehensive literature study whereby the necessisty and purpose of performance mananagement were identified. Furthermore the valuable aspects and the characteristics of performance management in social work have been described. The persons involved in the performance management system were investigated tot determine the nature and scope of the performance managegement system that are implemented. The importance of the participation of both the supervisor (manager) and the social worker was determined. The report highlights the importance of a process approach and uses it as a lens for understanding performance management system. It indicate the change in focus from performance evalution to performanance management, which focuses less on productivity or the input or physical activities applied in achieving the results or outputs as such, but rather on the extent to which predetermined objectives/goals are effectively and efficiently met through the measurement of outputs/results against agreed-upon performance standards. An empirical study wat undertaken where both qualitative and quantitative methodologies were applied to achieve the objective of the research. The quantitative methods comprised out of a questionnaires purely for and data collection and the qualitative approach entailed the open-ended questions in the questionnaire. It sought to identify the gaps and key priorities required for the implentation of an effective and efficient performance management processes. The report highlights the importance of a developmental approach in applying the performance management system.
Thesis (M Social Work (Social Work))--University of Stellenbosch, 2009.
Theses -- Social work, Dissertations -- Social work