Transverse transport of suspended sediment across the main channel – floodplain shear boundary

Denys, Frank (2006-12)

Thesis (MScEng (Civil Engineering))--University of Stellenbosch, 2006.


The floodplain of a river forms a close relationship with the stream that created it. Not only does the river influence the characteristics of the floodplain, the floodplain can also very easily influence its river, as is evidenced by examples such as the Huang He River in China and the Columbia River in Canada. These two cases clearly indicate that suspended sediment has a pronounced influence on the floodplain. This thesis investigates the processes which cause sediment to move onto the floodplain. As observed in many rivers worldwide suspended sediment on the floodplain has a tendency to settle near but not directly next to the main river channel. This gap between the river channel and the location of highest sedimentation rate stems from the fact that there is a zone of relatively higher turbulence at the boundaries of the floodplain. Close to this zone flow on the floodplain is increased in velocity whilst the flow velocity in the main channel is decreased as can be seen in the figure below: ...

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