Equivalence between in-house and conventional EM immunity test techniques

Nicholls, Christo (2008-03)

Thesis (MScEng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering))--Stellenbosch University, 2008.


Conventional immunity tests are both time consuming and costly. There is thus a reasonable interest in relatively quick, but accurate and cost effective, in-house pre-compliance test techniques within an engineering design-house. This thesis provides information on the equivalence between in-house and conventional immunity test techniques. Three techniques were evaluated, namely: 1. E-field radiation with a log periodic antenna (conventional test technique); 2 E-field radiation with an inhouse designed and constructed modified TEM cell (in-house test technique); 3. Current injection using a complete off the shelf EMCO current probe device (in-house test technique). After the transfer data of the EMCO probe was verified, the modified TEM cell design, construction and equivalent measurement tests were performed. These tests revealed that within the respective bandwidth of interest, the devices produced results that are equivalent to each other within 0.9dB. Hence equivalence between in-house and conventional test techniques is possible.

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