Operations research in telemedicine

Van Zyl, A. J.
Van Dyk, L.
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Operations Research Society of South Africa (ORSSA)
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare, where distance is an issue. This paper explores the use of operations research techniques to contribute to the successful implementation of telemedicine systems. A study of literature concerning the application of operations research together with telemedicine, showed research gaps, but also identi ed a few examples with respect to linear programming, simulation modelling, Markov decision-making processes, Bayesian networks, queuing theory and meta-heuristics. There are many areas in telemedicine where operations research can be used to ensure the success and sustainability of telemedicine as a viable alternative to providing specialist healthcare that is economically feasible.
The original publication is available at http://www.orssa.org.za/wiki/uploads/Conf/2011ORSSAConferenceProceedings.pdf
Telemedicine, Operations research, Health systems, Healthcare
Van Zyl, A. J. & Van Dyk, L. 2011. Operations research in telemedicine. 40th Annual Conference of the Operations Research Society, 18-21 September 2011, Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 103-110, http://www.orssa.org.za/wiki/uploads/Conf/2011ORSSAConferenceProceedings.pdf