Finite-set model predictive control of a flying capacitor converter with heuristic voltage vector preselection

Stolze P.
Landsmann P.
Kennel R.
Mouton T.
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This paper presents a finite-set model predictive strategy for current control of a resistive-inductive-active load with a three-phase three-level flying capacitor converter. A heuristic method is used to reduce the calculation effort and to increase the prediction horizon. A disturbance observer determines the active part of the load. A hysteresis-based voltage balancing algorithm makes use of the redundancy of the 64 switching possibilities of the converter. The proposed method significantly reduces the calculation effort compared to classical finite-set model predictive control methods. © 2011 IEEE.
flying capacitor converter, heuristic method, hysteresis controller, predictive control, Active parts, Disturbance observer, Flying capacitor converter, hysteresis controller, Model Predictive Control methods, Pre-selection, Prediction horizon, Predictive control, Three-level, Voltage balancing, Voltage vectors, Capacitors, Heuristic methods, Hysteresis, Power electronics, Predictive control systems, Model predictive control
8th International Conference on Power Electronics - ECCE Asia: "Green World with Power Electronics", ICPE 2011-ECCE Asia