Recent Submissions

  • On the number of increasing trees with label repetitions 

    Bodini, Olivier; Genitrini, Antoine; Gittenberger, Bernhard; Wagner, Stephan (Elsevier, 2019-11-12)
    We study the asymptotic number of certain monotonically labeled increasing trees arising from a generalized evolution process. The main difference between the presented model and the classical model of binary increasing ...
  • Inducibility of d-ary trees 

    Czabarka, Eva; Dossou-Olory, Audace A. V.; Szekely, Laszlo A.; Wagner, Stephan (Elsevier, 2020)
    Imitating the binary inducibility, a recently introduced invariant of binary trees (Cz- abarka et al., 2017), we initiate the study of the inducibility of d-ary trees (rooted trees whose vertex outdegrees are bounded from ...