Factorization of the cross section for the 12C(p,pα) 8Be(g.s.) reaction at an incident energy of 100 MeV

Cowley A.A. ; Mabiala J. ; Buthelezi E.Z. ; Fortsch S.V. ; Neveling R. ; Smit F.D. ; Steyn G.F. ; Van Zyl J.J. (2009)

Conference Paper

Cross sections and analyzing powers forthe reaction 12C(p,pa) 8Be at an incident energy of 100 MeV, measured over a range of quasifree scattering angle pairs, are compared with elastic scattering of protons from 4He. Remarkable agreement between angidar distributions of the two sets of data, presented as a function of the scattering angle in the two-body centre-of mass, is found. Thus the a-cluster reacts to the projectile just Uke a free particle. © 2009 American Institute of Physics.

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