The challenge of contextuality

Lategan, Bernard (1991)

CITATION: Lategan, B. 1991. The challenge of contextuality. Scriptura, 9:1-6, doi:10.7833/9-0-1965.

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Why the wide-spread interest in contextuality, also and especially in dealing with biblical material? Is this the latest fad every self-respecting exegete is supposed to master in order to impress his or her peers? Is it merely a short term interest, without any lasting theological or hermeneutical significance? The concept of contextuality certainly can be pursued for the wrong reasons. It could therefore be helpful to place this specific interest against a wider backdrop. As this has been done in more detail elsewhere (cf Lategan 1993), only a very brief outline is offered here to show how contextuality forms part of a much wider and longer development in the interpretation of biblical material.

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