An overview of mites on grapevine and the discovery of a new phytoseiidae species; typhlodromus (typhlodromus) spiceae

Vermaak, M. ; Ueckermann, E. A. ; Veldtman, R. ; Addison, P. (2021)

CITATION: Vermaak, M., et al. 2021. An overview of mites on grapevine and the discovery of a new phytoseiidae species; typhlodromus (typhlodromus) spiceae. South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture, 42(2):91-99, doi:10.21548/42-1-4297.

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The common grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) is the main species used for wine making, with South Africa being one of the top wine exporting countries. Grapevine is vulnerable to a range of pests, includingmites. We present an overview of phytophagous and predatory mites on grapevine in South Africa anddescribe a new phytoseiid species which was discovered in the winelands region of Wellington, SouthAfrica. Grapevine shoots with leaves were collected over two growing seasons at four farms in Wellington.A nursery, mother block and a commercial vineyard were selected on each farm. The mites were removedwith a mite brushing machine and slide mounted. The Phytoseiidae Database, as well the most recentrelevant literature were used in confirming the new species. Illustrations of the new species were madeusing photographs taken by Zeiss Axioskop TM Research that included a Zen Soft Imaging System. Thenew Typhlodromus species, Typhlodromus (Typhlodromus) spiceae sp.n., is set apart from closely relatedspecies by setae Z4 being 0.7 times the length of Z5 and by having a short, saccular and thick-walledspermathecal. This species was found together with one phytophagous mite species (Brevipalpus lewisi)and several predatory mite species (Typhlodromus praeacutus, Typhlodromus saevus, Eusieus addoensis). Akey to identify females of the South African species of Typhlodromus (Typhlodromus) is provided.

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