Investigating the impact of activity behaviour on transport mode choice and use in Cape Town

Viljoen, Gabrie (2021-03)

Thesis (MComm)--Stellenbosch University, 2021.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The paper covers the influence of activity behaviour on the mode choice, behaviour and transport use of individuals. A trip-based model was used to forecast passenger demand for new transport projects in Cape Town. The trip-based model has proven theoretical shortcomings when used to forecast passenger demand for new projects. Previous work conducted on transport behaviour identified activity-based methodologies as a solution to the shortcomings of trip-based transport models. The household travel survey conducted in Cape Town in 2012 included a trip diary. The data from the trip diary was used to identify activity-based variables that could improve the accuracy of the transport demand model used in Cape Town. The trip diary was analysed, and descriptive and predictive statistics were used to identify variables that could be used to help explain the relationship between activities and modal choices of individuals. The main findings from the research are that the type of activity, distance travelled, and number of activities undertaken had an influence on modal choice. The activity-profile of low-income individuals differed from that of high-income individuals and this had an influence on the transport behaviour of individuals. High-income individuals could participate in more activities per day and lower-income individuals made more use of public transport. The research also found when comparing daily time budgets that high-income individuals were more sensitive to time and would spend more money to save time whilst low-income individuals were less sensitive to time and would prefer lower cost transport that might take a little longer to reach a destination. The variables identified are candidates to be included in new transport models, but the research was conducted using trip diaries and the results from the diaries were sufficient for this research. If a full activity-based transport model were to be built for the City of Cape Town, the research would suggest activity diaries to be conducted as the input data for the model.

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