Estrogen receptor values in breast carcinomas from white and colored patients: A provisional comparison

Van Zyl J.A. ; Bester A.J. ; De Jager J.F. ; Victor T. (1981)

Assays of cytoplasmic oestradiol receptors in 175 tumours from patients with operable breast cancer were carried out. The results were analysed for differences between white and coloured patients, menopausal status and axillary node status. It was found that for the total group, 63% of the tumours were ER-positive and 37% ER-negative. When the results were analysed for the racial groups, it was found that 64.8% of the white patients were ER-positive and 35.2% ER-negative, opposed to 60.7% and 39.2% in the coloured group, but the differences were not statistically significant. In both the post-menopausal groups, a higher incidence of ER + tumours were found in patients with negative axillary nodes. This was still more so in the white pre-menopausal group. In the coloured pre-menopausal groups, the incidence of ER+ tumours were identical in patients with positive and negative axillary nodes. Follow up studies will show if this trend is persistent and whether it will be reflected in the disease-free intervals for the 2 groups.

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