• Abrupt fall in the fetal heart rate during labour 

      Odendaal, H. J.; Van der Merwe, J. V. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 1976-11)
      Cardiotocograms of 6044 patients in labour were examined for evidence of an abrupt fall in the fetal heart rate. The latter was defined as a deceleration of at least 50 beats within 3 minutes, without a demonstration of ...
    • Acceleration patterns of the fetal heart rate before and during labour 

      Odendaal, H. J.; Sandenbergh, H. A. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 1977-12)
      In infants in whom accelerations of the fetal heart rate were present during the first stage of labour, the incidence of low Apgar scores was significantly less than in those in whom accelerations were not present. Absence ...
    • Acetylated fetal haemoglobin in neonates born to mothers with established and gestational diabetes 

      MacFarlane, C. M.; Tsakalakos, N.; Taljaard, J. J. F. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 1985-10)
      Birth weight ratios (BWRs) and cord blood C-peptide values were significantly higher in neonates born to mothers with well-controlled gestational diabetes (GD) than in those born to mothers with well-controlled established ...
    • Acute appendicitis in pregnancy 

      Rosemann, G. W. E. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 1975)
      Acute appendicitis in pregnancy and its treatment are reviewed. Six cases are described. Early surgery is recommended and a conservative watchfulness for more than 4 to 6 hours is condemned.
    • Additional value of advanced neurosonography and magnetic resonance imaging in fetuses at risk for brain damage 

      Van der Knoop, B. J.; Zonnenberg, I. A.; Verbeke, J. I. M. L.; De Vries, S.; Pistorius, L. R.; Van Weissenbruch, M. M.; Vermeulen, R. J.; De Vries, J. I. P. (John Wiley & Sons, 2020)
      Objective: To assess the additional value of fetal multiplanar (axial, coronal and sagittal) neurosonography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to that of the standard axial ultrasound planes in diagnosing brain damage ...
    • Adenocarcinoma of the stomach in pregnancy - Ultrasonographic diagnosis: A case report 

      Muller, L. M. M. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1987-04)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The ultrasonographic findings in a rare case of adenocarcinoma of the stomach in pregnancy are described. The patient presented with hyperemesis gravidarum in the second trimester.
    • Adult circumcision in the prevention of HIV/AIDS 

      Goldstuck, Norman D. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2014-01)
      No abstract.
    • 'n Analise van sitogenetiese studies op 2 334 pasiente 

      Retief, A. E.; Kotze, G. M.; Fox, M. F.; Venter, P. A.; Van Zyl, J. A.; Van Niekerk, W. A. (HMPG, 1979-06)
      The chromosome results of a series of 2 334 patients referred for cytogenetic analysis during 1966-1977 were tabulated by computer. The patients were grouped according to indications for referral, the main indications being ...
    • Antenatal detection of small-for-gestational-age babies : choice of a symphysis-fundus growth curve 

      Pattinson, R. C. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1988)
      By using symphysis-fundus measurements serially and plotting them on a curve, small-for-gestational-age babies can be detected. To determine which symphysis-fundus curve to choose for our population, the predictive values ...
    • The antenatal ultrasonographic detection of the Holt-Oram syndrome 

      Muller, L. M.; De Jong, G.; Van Heerden, K. M. M. (Health and Medical Publishing Group -- HMPG, 1985-08)
      The Holt-Oram syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease with 100% penetrance. No correlation exists between the maternal clinical expression and that of the affected offspring. The syndrome includes a wide range of cardiac ...
    • Are women with history of pre-eclampsia starting a new pregnancy in good nutritional status in South Africa and Zimbabwe? 

      Cormick, Gabriela; Betran, Ana Pilar; Harbron, Janetta; Dannemann Purnat, Tina; Parker, Catherine; Hall, David R.; Seuc, Armando H.; Roberts, James M.; Belizan, Jose M.; Hofmeyr, G. Justus (BioMed Central, 2018-06-15)
      Background: Maternal nutritional status before and during pregnancy is an important contributor to pregnancy outcomes and early child health. The aim of this study was to describe the preconceptional nutritional status ...
    • Assisted reproduction in the HIV-serodiscordant couple 

      Nosarka, S.; Hoogendijk, C. F.; Siebert, T. I.; Kruger, T. F. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2007-01)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: No abstract available
    • Assisted reproductive technology in South Africa : first results generated from the South African Register of Assisted Reproductive Techniques 

      Dyer, S. J.; Kruger, T. F. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2012-03)
      Objective. We present the first report from the South African Register of Assisted Reproductive Techniques. Methods. All assisted reproductive technology (ART) centres in South Africa were invited to join the register. ...
    • Avoiding paternalism but not moral perplexity 

      Hall, D. R. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2018)
      Maternal autonomy has replaced medical paternalism, but conflicts between beneficence and autonomy persist.
    • Barton's forceps deliveries at Paarl Hospital 

      De Villiers, V. P. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1988-02)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Experience in using Barton's forceps for mid-pelvic arrest of the fetal head in 348 cases has proved that this instrument is both easy to apply and safe for the baby, provided rigid adherence to safety ...
    • Bereaved mothers' attitudes regarding autopsy of their stillborn baby 

      Human, M.; Goldstein, R. D.; Groenewald, C. A.; Kinney, H. C.; Odendaal, H. J. (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2017-12)
      Background. Here we present additional information from the Safe Passage Study, where the effect of alcohol exposure during pregnancy on sudden infant death syndrome and stillbirth was investigated. Objective. To explore ...
    • Blaasnekinkompetensie by die vrou 

      Louw, N. S.; De Klerk, J. N. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1981-08)
      Bladder neck incompetence is responsible for 15,5% of true anatomical defects that cause stress incontinence in the female. Confirmation of the diagnosis of this condition, as well as a new surgical technique for the repair ...
    • Bone involvement in patients with cervical carcinoma : a single-institution cohort study 

      Butt, J. L.; Botha, M. H. (Taylor & Francis, 2019-12-13)
      Introduction: Bony metastases in cervical carcinoma are rare; however, autopsy studies indicate that they are underdiagnosed. A retrospective study was undertaken to describe the risk factors and tumour characteristics and ...
    • C-reactive protein levels in ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection and carcinoma of the cervix 

      Theron, G. B.; Shepherd, E. G. S.; Strachan, A. F. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1986-05)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The value of C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in the differential diagnosis of pelvic infection and ectopic pregnancy, in the staging of carcinoma of the cervix, and after necrotizing irradiation for tumour ...
    • Caesarean section - etymology and early history 

      Van Dongen, Pieter Willem J. (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2009-09)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The expression caesarean section (CS) is most probably creative etymology and not derived from the CS allegedly performed on the mother of Julius Caesar. Mythology and legends emphasise the importance of ...