Factors influencing turnover intention with hardiness as a moderator among members of the South African Army Gymnasium : an exploratory study

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH SUMMARY : SAAG relies heavily on it staff members for the success of the unit. Studies state that there are factors that can negatively or positively affect employees’ turnover intention. Furthermore, it is assumed that hardiness has a moderating effect on most organisational outcome. Therefore the relationship between the independent and dependent variables and hardiness as a moderator can be explored. Using SAAG, the current study aimed to explore the relationship between organisational climate (autonomy, involvement, welfare, effort, supervisory support and performance feedback), job satisfaction (pay, promotion, supervision and the work itself), work-family conflict, turnover intention and hardiness. The study consisted of 280 members of the SAAG. A survey method was used to collect data in the study. Existing reliable instrument measuring organisational climate, job satisfaction, work-family conflict, turnover intention and hardiness was used to collect data. Job satisfaction was found to be a formative measure and its loadings and weight were significant, except for the promotion subscale which was significant but negative in relation to other subscales measuring job satisfaction. Correlation analysis (Spearman) was performed to measure the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. Positive and negative significant relationships were found. PLS was performed to test the proposed model of the study. The PLS results yielded that hardiness has a moderating effect on the relationship between work-family conflict and turnover intention. However, it did not have a moderating effect on other paths between other dependent and independent variables.
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Thesis (MCom)--Stellenbosch University, 2019.
Resilience (Personality trait), Corporate culture, Job satisfaction, South Africa. Army -- Heidelberg (South Africa), UCTD