A decision support system for firerebase location in a nature conservation area

Reed, R. ; Van Vuuren, J. H. (2017-04-19)

CITATION: Reed, R. & Van Vuuren, J. H. 2017. A decision support system for firerebase location in a nature conservation area. ORiON, 33(2):57-84, doi:10.5784/33-2-562.

The original publication is available at http://orion.journals.ac.za


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: It is important that rebases are available on standby at strategic locations in a nature conservation area from where wild re ignition points can be reached rapidly and such res brought under control before they spread. Two facility location models are proposed in this paper which may form the basis for decision support when deciding on the locations of such rebases in a nature conservation area. Both of these models are multi-objective in nature. They are able to produce solutions that embody trade-o decisions between minimising the cost of locating rebases and maximising the coverage of key areas in a conservation area. These trade-o s may be based on a variety of coverage importance criteria, such as aiming to cover terrain portions exhibiting a steep ground slope, terrain portions that experience a high annual mean wind speed, or terrain portions in which many wild res have ignited in the past. The coverage criteria are typically case-speci c and may therefore be speci ed by the decision maker. Both models, as well as their approximate solution methodology, are implemented in the form of a computerised decision support system in order to render them accessible to non-mathematically inclined decision makers. The decision support system is validated by applying it to a special case study involving Table Mountain National Park, a nature conservation area in the Western Cape, South Africa.

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