The development of a 1D-transient simulation model of a CO2 refrigeration system

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ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Refrigeration is a highly essential part of modern day living. The drive for alternative cleaner technologies has renewed interest in designing refrigeration systems using CO2 as refrigerant. The goal of this project was to develop a numerical transient simulation model of a CO2 refrigeration cycle containing a capillary tube as expansion device. This simulation model can then be used to design CO2 refrigerators and provide insight into their operation. In this paper, the transient conservation equations are developed into forms that can be solved on a computer program. An algorithm for solving compressible flow equations is discussed. Lastly the use of the real gas equation of state for CO2 from Span and Wagner (1996) is discussed and methods are developed to calculate single phase and two-phase properties. It was found that the simulation model predicted evaporator temperature and phase-change processes with reasonable accuracy.
CO2, Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery, Refrigerants, Flow, Transient (Fluid dynamics)