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GenoType MTBDRsl assay for resistance to second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs

Theron, Grant ; Peter, Jonny ; Richardson, Marty ; Warren, Rob ; Dheda, Keertan ; Steingart, Karen R. (2016-09-08)

CITATION: Theron, G. et al. 2016. GenoType MTBDRsl assay for resistance to second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 9: CD010705, doi:10.1002/14651858.CD010705.pub3

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Background: Genotype® MTBDRsl (MTBDRsl) is a rapid DNA-based test for detecting specific mutations associated with resistance to fluoroquinolones and second-line injectable drugs (SLIDs) in Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. MTBDRsl version 2.0 (released in 2015) identifies the mutations detected by version 1.0, as well as additional mutations. The test may be performed on a culture isolate or a patient specimen, which eliminates delays associated with culture. Version 1.0 requires a smear-positive specimen, while version 2.0 may use a smear-positive or -negative specimen. We performed this updated review as part of aWorld Health Organization process to develop updated guidelines for using MTBDRsl. Objectives: To assess and compare the diagnostic accuracy of MTBDRsl for: 1. fluoroquinolone resistance, 2. SLID resistance, and 3. extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, indirectly on a M. tuberculosis isolate grown from culture or directly on a patient specimen. Participants were people with rifampicin-resistant or multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. The role of MTBDRsl would be as the initial test, replacing culture-based drug susceptibility testing (DST), for detecting second-line drug resistance.

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