Facility design of fruit and vegetable storage at retail outlets : a generic design approach

Treurnicht, N. ; Nell, T. M. ; Stanley, L. A. (2014)

CITATION: Treurnicht, N., Nell, T. M. & Stanley, L. A. Facility design of fruit and vegetable storage at retail outlets : a generic design approach. In SAIIE26 Proceedings, 14–16 July 2014, Muldersdrift, South Africa.

The original publication is available at http://conferences.sun.ac.za/index.php/saiie

Conference Paper

ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Fast moving consumer goods retail outlets are constructed on high value properties. Occupation of floor space needs to be limited to the essential minimum, especially for non customer interaction spaces. Retail outlets are generally not built to standard designs, but customised to suit their locality and customer potential. The result was the requirement of a supermarket chain for a design tool for fruit and vegetable receiving facilities. The space requirements of storage areas as a function of operational parameters such as store sales volumes are the model outputs. Apart from using the tool for new store designs, it is required to serve as a measurement tool for existing stores. The study describes the development of the design tool using Pareto principles, regression and finally facility design practices. The tool defines the floor space required relating to the confidence level required for the storage area to be large enough for variations in receipt volumes through the course of a year.

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