Stoichiometry patterns in the androdioecious Acer tegmentosum

Zhang, Xinna ; Yao, Jie ; Fan, Chunyu ; Tan, Lingzhao ; Zhang, Chunyu ; Wang, Juan ; Zhao, Xiuhai ; Von Gadow, Klaus (2016-10-11)

CITATION: Zhang, X., et al. 2016. Stoichiometry patterns in the androdioecious Acer tegmentosum. Scientific Reports, 6:35022, doi:10.1038/srep35022.

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ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study evaluates stoichiometry patterns in the androdioecious Acer tegmentosum, a species characterized by a rare reproductive system where males and hermaphrodites coexist. Altogether 31 hermaphrodites and 29 male plants were harvested and samples of leaves, current-year shoots, branches and coarse roots were analyzed to explore gender differences in biomass, C, N and P concentrations of these four components. The nitrogen to phosphorus relationship of each component was examined using SMA estimates. Males had significantly greater amounts of leaf and coarse root dry matter content than hermaphrodites. C, N and P stoichiometry differed significantly between genders, especially in the newly emerging vegetative components (leaves and shoots). Males had higher C/N and C/P ratios in current-year shoots and lower C/P ratios in leaves and branches. Hermaphrodites had higher N/P ratios in the leaves and branches. Males had higher rates of increase in leaf P content than hermaphrodites. This study suggests that stoichiometry patterns may be significantly affected by gender.

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