• Names and roles for the generalist doctor in Africa 

      Reid, Steve; Mash, Bob; Thigiti, Joseph; Nkombua, Lushiku; Bossyns, Paul; Downing, Ray; Heyrman, Jan (AOSIS Publishing, 2010)
      The following dialogue between six family physicians was used as one of several discussion papers at the Regional Africa WONCA Conference in 2009 and was designed to stimulate debate and dialogue on the nature of Family ...
    • The national portfolio for postgraduate family medicine training in South Africa : a descriptive study of acceptability, educational impact, and usefulness for assessment 

      Jenkins, Louis; Mash, Bob; Derese, Anselme (BioMed Central, 2013-07)
      Background: Since 2007 a portfolio of learning has become a requirement for assessment of postgraduate family medicine training by the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa. A uniform portfolio of learning has been developed ...
    • The national portfolio of learning for postgraduate family medicine training in South Africa : experiences of registrars and supervisors in clinical practice 

      Jenkins, Louis; Mash, Bob; Derese, Anselme (BioMed Central, 2013-11)
      Background: In South Africa the submission of a portfolio of learning has become a national requirement for assessment of family medicine training. A national portfolio has been developed, validated and implemented. The ...
    • A new povidone-iodine cream for the treatment of burns : comparison with a standard topical regimen 

      De Kock, M.; Van der Merwe, A. E.; Houghton, F. C. (Health and Medical Publishing Group -- HMPG, 1986-03)
      A remarkable improvement in the rate of burn healing has been achieved with a mixture of povidone-iodine ointment (Betadine) and malic, benzoic and salicylic acids (MBS) (Aserbine). A study was undertaken to compare the ...
    • Outcomes for family medicine postgraduate training in South Africa 

      Couper, I.; Mash, B.; Smith, S.; Schweitzer, B. (Medpharm Publications, 2012)
      After 1994, the post-apartheid government decided that primary health care and the district health system would be the cornerstone of their new health policy. As a consequence of this, the academic departments of Family ...
    • Participatory development of a minimum dataset for the Khayelitsha district 

      Mash, B.; Mahomed, Hassan (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2000-03)
      Background. Traditional 'data-led' information systems have created excessive amounts of poor-quality and poorly utilised data. The Health Information Systems Pilot Project (HISPP), a Western Cape project that started in ...
    • Patients’ perceptions of the triage system in a primary healthcare facility, Cape Town, South Africa 

      Adeniji, Adeloye Amoo; Mash, Bob (AOSIS Publishing, 2016-06)
      Background: In public healthcare facilities, where the patient numbers and the available resources are often disproportionate, triage is used to prioritise when patients are seen. Patients may not understand the triage ...
    • The perceived impact of family physicians on the district health system in South Africa : a cross-sectional survey 

      Von Pressentin, Klaus B.; Mash, Robert J.; Baldwin-Ragaven, Laurel; Botha, Roelf Petrus Gerhardus; Govender, Indiran; Steinberg, Wilhelm Johannes; Esterhuizen, Tonya M. (BioMed Central, 2018-02-05)
      Background: Evidence from first world contexts support the notion that strong primary health care teams contain family physicians (FPs). African leaders are looking for evidence from their own context. The roles and scope ...
    • Perceptions about family-centred care among adult patients with chronic diseases at a general outpatient clinic in Nigeria 

      Yakubu, Kenneth; Malan, Zelra; Colon-Gonzalez, Maria C.; Mash, Bob (Publishers version, 2018-10)
      Background: Few studies in Africa have described patients’ perceptions about family-centred care (FCC). Aim: The aim of this study was to explore perceptions of FCC among patients with chronic diseases. Setting: The study ...
    • The perceptions of general practitioners on National Health Insurance in Chris Hani district, Eastern Cape, South Africa 

      Gaqavu, Mthetheleli Mbongeni; Mash, Bob (MedPharm Publications, 2019)
      Background: National Health Insurance (NHI) intends to provide universal health coverage to all South Africans, with equity and quality as its tenets. The participation of private general practitioners (GPs) in NHI is ...
    • Perceptions regarding the scope of practice of family doctors amongst patients in primary care settings in Nairobi 

      Mohamoud, Gulnaz; Mash, Bob; Merali, Mohamoud; Orwa, James; Mahoney, Megan (AOSIS, 2018-10)
      Background: Primary care (PC) is the foundation of the Kenyan health care system, providing comprehensive care, health promotion and managing all illnesses across the lifecycle. In the private sector in Nairobi, PC is ...
    • Peripheral arterial disease - high prevalence in rural black South Africans 

      Paul, Ashis Kumar; Mash, Bob; Rupesinghe, George (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2007-04)
      Background. The prevalence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) worldwide has been estimated at between 4.5% and 29%. PAD has been associated with male gender, advanced age, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolaernia ...
    • Perspectives of undergraduate module convenors at a South African academic institution on medical student training in evidence-based health care : a qualitative study 

      Young, Taryn; Rohwer, Anke; Volmink, Jimmy; Clarke, Mike (Taylor & Francis, 2015-09)
      Background: The increasing disease burden in Africa requires medical graduates to have problem-solving abilities. Interviews were conducted to assess module convenors’ perspectives on evidence-based health care (EBHC) ...
    • Physician-assisted suicide : an oxymoron? 

      Moodley, Keymanthri (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2000-07)
      No abstract available
    • Postgraduate training for family medicine in a rural district hospital in South Africa : appropriateness and sufficiency of theatre procedures as a sentinel indicator 

      Du Plessis, Dawie; Kapp, Paul Alfred; Jenkins, Louis S.; Giddy, Laurel (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
      Background: Since 2007, the postgraduate training of family physicians for South African district hospitals has been formalised. This training differs from European and North American programmes as up to 30% of the skills ...
    • Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated factors amongst women attending antenatal care at Outapi clinic, Namibia : a descriptive survey 

      Bikinesi, Leonard T.; Mash, Robert; Joyner, Kate (AOSIS publishing, 2017-12)
      Background: Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant and largely hidden public health problem for all women and, during pregnancy, can have significant effects on the health of both mother and the unborn baby. ...
    • The prevalence of substance use and its associations amongst students attending high school in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town 

      Hamdulay, A. K.; Mash, R. (Medpharm Publications, 2011-02)
      Purpose: In South Africa, there has been an increase in illicit drug trafficking and consumption and associated problems since the 1990s. Mitchells Plain in Cape Town is seen as a community battling with crime, gangsterism, ...
    • Preventing venous thromboembolism at a district hospital : a quality improvement study 

      Beutel, Bernhard G.; Jenkins, Louis S. (Taylor & Francis, 2015-02)
      Background: Pulmonary embolism (PE) is the most common preventable cause of hospital deaths, and almost all hospitalised patients have at least one risk factor for venous thromboembolism (VTE). Despite the availability of ...
    • Primary care management of the coronavirus (COVID-19) 

      Mash, Bob (AOSIS, 2020-03-31)
      South Africa is in the grip of a novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Primary care providers are in the frontline. COVID-19 is spread primarily by respiratory droplets contaminating surfaces and hands that then transmit ...
    • Proceedings of the 13th annual conference of INEBRIA 

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      ENGLISH SUMMARY : Meeting abstracts.