• Perspectives of undergraduate module convenors at a South African academic institution on medical student training in evidence-based health care : a qualitative study 

      Young, Taryn; Rohwer, Anke; Volmink, Jimmy; Clarke, Mike (Taylor & Francis, 2015-09)
      Background: The increasing disease burden in Africa requires medical graduates to have problem-solving abilities. Interviews were conducted to assess module convenors’ perspectives on evidence-based health care (EBHC) ...
    • Physician-assisted suicide : an oxymoron? 

      Moodley, Keymanthri (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2000-07)
      No abstract available
    • Postgraduate training for family medicine in a rural district hospital in South Africa : appropriateness and sufficiency of theatre procedures as a sentinel indicator 

      Du Plessis, Dawie; Kapp, Paul Alfred; Jenkins, Louis S.; Giddy, Laurel (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
      Background: Since 2007, the postgraduate training of family physicians for South African district hospitals has been formalised. This training differs from European and North American programmes as up to 30% of the skills ...
    • Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated factors amongst women attending antenatal care at Outapi clinic, Namibia : a descriptive survey 

      Bikinesi, Leonard T.; Mash, Robert; Joyner, Kate (AOSIS publishing, 2017-12)
      Background: Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant and largely hidden public health problem for all women and, during pregnancy, can have significant effects on the health of both mother and the unborn baby. ...
    • Prevalence of substance use amongst people living with human immunodeficiency virus who attend primary healthcare services in Mthatha, South Africa 

      Kaswa, Ramprakash; De Villiers, Marietjie (AOSISPublisher's version, 2020)
      Background: About 13.3% of the South African population use some kind of substance during their lifetime. The incidence of substance use disorders is twice the global average. The use of various substances amongst people ...
    • The prevalence of substance use and its associations amongst students attending high school in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town 

      Hamdulay, A. K.; Mash, R. (Medpharm Publications, 2011-02)
      Purpose: In South Africa, there has been an increase in illicit drug trafficking and consumption and associated problems since the 1990s. Mitchells Plain in Cape Town is seen as a community battling with crime, gangsterism, ...
    • Preventing venous thromboembolism at a district hospital : a quality improvement study 

      Beutel, Bernhard G.; Jenkins, Louis S. (Taylor & Francis, 2015-02)
      Background: Pulmonary embolism (PE) is the most common preventable cause of hospital deaths, and almost all hospitalised patients have at least one risk factor for venous thromboembolism (VTE). Despite the availability of ...
    • Primary care management of the coronavirus (COVID-19) 

      Mash, Bob (AOSIS, 2020-03-31)
      South Africa is in the grip of a novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Primary care providers are in the frontline. COVID-19 is spread primarily by respiratory droplets contaminating surfaces and hands that then transmit ...
    • Proceedings of the 13th annual conference of INEBRIA 

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      ENGLISH SUMMARY : Meeting abstracts.
    • Qualitative evaluation of primary care providers experiences of a training programme to offer brief behaviour change counselling on risk factors for non-communicable diseases in South Africa 

      Malan, Zelra; Mash, Robert; Everett-Murphy, Katherine (BioMed Central, 2015-08)
      Background: The global epidemic of non-communicable disease (NCDs) has been linked with four modifiable risky lifestyle behaviours, namely smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and alcohol abuse. Primary care ...
    • Quality of asthma care : Western Cape Province, South Africa 

      Mash, Bob; Rhode, Hilary; Pather, Michael; Ainslie, Gillian; Irusen, Elvis; Bheekie, Angeni; Mayers, Pat (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2009)
      Background. Asthma is the eighth leading contributor to the burden of disease in South Africa, but has received less attention than other chronic diseases. The Asthma Guidelines Implementation Project (AGIP) was established ...
    • Quality of care for patients with non-communicable diseases in the Dedza District, Malawi 

      Wood, Rachel; Viljoen, Vanessa; Van der Merwe, Lisa; Mash, Robert (AOSIS Publishing, 2015-06)
      Introduction: In Malawi, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are thought to cause 28% of deaths in adults. The aim of this study was to establish the extent of primary care morbidity related to NCDs, as well as to audit the ...
    • A quasi-experimental evaluation of an HIV prevention programme by peer education in the Anglican Church of the Western Cape, South Africa 

      Mash, Rachel; Mash, Robert James (BMJ publishing group, 2012-02)
      Introduction: Religion is important in most African communities, but faith-based HIV prevention programmes are infrequent and very rarely evaluated. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness ...
    • Reaching national consensus on the core clinical skill outcomes for family medicine postgraduate training programmes in South Africa 

      Akoojee, Yusuf; Mash, Robert (AOSIS publishing, 2017-05)
      Background: Family physicians play a significant role in the district health system and need to be equipped with a broad range of clinical skills in order to meet the needs and expectations of the communities they serve. ...
    • Reasons for diabetes patients attending Bishop Lavis Community Health Centre being non-adherent to diabetes care 

      Booysen, Bernice L.; Schlemmer, Arina C. (Taylor & Francis, 2015-03)
      Background: Non-adherence to diabetes care is a concern at Bishop Lavis Community Health Centre (BLCHC) as it results in many diabetes complications that could have been avoided. The aim was to explore the reasons for ...
    • Reasons for inconsistent condom use by young adults in Mahalapye, Botswana 

      Kanda, Luhaka; Mash, Robert (AOSIS, 2018-05)
      Background: Botswana is one of the countries significantly affected by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Despite an extensive preventive campaign, the incidence of HIV remains high. Condoms are an important contributor to ...
    • Reasons why patients with primary health care problems access a secondary hospital emergency centre 

      Becker, Juanita; Dell, Angela; Jenkins, Louis; Sayed, Rauf (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2012-10)
      Background. Many patients present to an emergency centre (EC) with problems that could be managed at primary healthcare (PHC) level. This has been noted at George Provincial Hospital in the Western Cape province of South ...
    • A reflection on the practical implementation of the clinical governance framework in the Cape Winelands District of the Western Cape 

      Gunst, Colette; Mash, Robert J.; Phillips, Lizette Cathleen (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
      ENGLISH SUMMARY : Primary health care is seen as the ‘linchpin of effective health care delivery’ by the Western Cape Government Health services and improving the quality of primary care, through clinical governance, is a ...
    • Reflections on the illness experience of a family physician 

      Schaefer, Rachel; Jenkins, Louis (Taylor & Francis, 2015-02)
      Tuberculosis is such a part of our everyday lives that I have never stopped to consider the illness experience regularly lived by our patients. As a seasoned family physician in public service, I have initiated hundreds ...
    • Reliability testing of a portfolio assessment tool for postgraduate family medicine training in South Africa 

      Jenkins, Louis; Mash, Bob; Derese, Anselme (AOSIS Publishing, 2013-11)
      Background: Competency-based education and the validity and reliability of workplacebased assessment of postgraduate trainees have received increasing attention worldwide. Family medicine was recognised as a speciality ...