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An empirical study of the correlation between online media use and academic performance

Leysens, Jean-Louis (2016-12)

Thesis (MA)--Stellenbosch University, 2016.


ENGLISH SUMMARY : Modern online media has reached high levels of engagement amongst a particular group: the Millennials. This group display characteristically high levels of immersion with online media and have interspersed use with daily activities in such a way that some studies have identified constant use. Online media represent the possibility of many different activities for the user. Some activities may be described as relatively hedonic or utilitarian an area of use intention which this study investigates. Due to the high levels of engagement amongst the Millennials (typically young adults or teenagers) the effects of use has attracted considerable amounts of research as documented in the literature reviewed. This research draws particularly from efforts by Assoc. Prof. Reynol Junco in this area. In this study, the task performance as indicated by academic performance is a core focal point. A significant, negative correlation was demonstrated for media use in the lecture context. It is conjectured, from the findings, that the best explanation for online media's effect on task performance is limited attentional resources which create a cognitive bottleneck.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING : Gebruiksvlakke van moderne media tussen lede van die Millennial groep het 'n nuwe hoogtepunt bereik. Millennials, as 'n groep, toon hoe vlakke van interaksie met moderne media terwyl hulle met daaglikse aktiwiteite omgaan. Sekere studies het al konstante gebruik van moderne media tussen lede van die groep identifiseer. Moderne media stel die gebruiker aan 'n wereld van moontlike aanlyn interaksies bloot. Die interaksies kan op 'n kontinuum van hedonies utilitaris geplot word. Die hoe gebruiksvlakke het, ondermeer, baie navorsing, soos aangedui in die literatuur studie, gelok. Hierdie projek vind redelik op Prof. Reynol Junco se werk in die area steun. Dus is die verhouding tussen taak uitvoeringsvermoë en akademiese prestasie 'n fokus punt. 'n Negatiewe verhouding tussen media gebruik tydens lesings was in die data weerspieel. Die beste teoretiese verduideliking vir die verhouding is dat mens onderdanig is aan beperkte kognitiewe hulpbronne wat 'n kognitiewe bottelnek vorm.

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