A method for the detection of Issatchenkia orientalis in a baker's yeast factory

Tracey R.P. ; van Vuuren H.J.J. ; du Toit D.S. (1984)


A method for the detection of Issatchenkia orientalis (Candida krusei), a contaminant of bakers' yeast, is described. Nine different liquid medium types were compared and maximum specific growth rates for the yeast contaminant were determined in each medium. Issatchenkia orientalis grew fastest in malt extract broth (0,37 h-1) and potato dextrose broth (0,36 h-1). Five antibiotics were tested for selective inhibition of seven different bakers' yeast strains in malt extract broth. Nystatin was the only antibiotic tested that inhibited the growth of all the bakers' yeast strains used, but did not affect the growth of I. orientalis. © 1984 Springer-Verlag.

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