Bis(trimethylphosphine-κP)gold(I) hexafluorophosphate

Horvath U.E.I. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2007)


The title compound, [Au(C3H9P)2PF 6, a linear two-coordi-nate gold(I) complex with coordinated trimethylphosphine ligands and hexafluorophosphate as counter-ion, is isomorphous with [Ag(Me3P)2]PF6 and exhibits similar bond distances to [Au(Me3P)2]Cl, thus unconditionally substantiating previous comparisons and claims that the ionic radius of Au is smaller than that of Ag. The cation has mirror symmetry, so that the P - Au - P axis lies in this plane. Similarly, the anion has mirror symmetry, with the plane containing an F -P - F axis. © 2007 International Union of Crystallography All rights reserved.

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