Penta-carbonyl-2κ5 C-chlorido-1κCl-bis- [1(η5)-cyclo-penta-dien-yl][μ-oxido(phenyl)methylene-1: 2κ2 O:C]hafnium(IV)tungsten(0)

Esterhuysen C. ; Nel I.B.J. ; Cronje S. (2008)


The title compound, [HfW(C5H5)2(C7H5O)Cl(CO)5] or [W(CO)5(C7H5O){Hf(C5H5) 2Cl}], contains two metal centres, with a (tungstenpenta-carbon-yl)oxy-phenyl- carbene unit coordinated to a hafnocene chloride. The Hf - O - C angle is nearly linear, and the C=O distance is slightly shorter than for equivalent alkoxy-carbenes. One of the cyclo-penta-dienyl (Cp) rings undergoes an offset face-to-face π-π inter-action [3.495 (7) Å] with the symmetry-related Cp ring of a neighbouring mol-ecule.

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