Penta-carbonyl-25 C-chlorido-1Cl-bis-[1(5)-cyclo- penta-dien-yl](-1-oxido-ethyl-ene-1:22 O:C)chromium(0)zirconium(IV)

Esterhuysen C. ; Retief L. ; Kruger G.J. ; Cronje S. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2009)


The title compound, [CrZr(C5H5)2(C2H3O)Cl(CO)5], consists of two metal centres, with a (penta-carbonyl-chromium)oxymethyl-carbene group coordinating as a monodentate ligand to the zirconocene chloride. π-Delocalization through the Zr - O - C=Cr unit is indicated by a short Zr - O distance [2.041 (3) Å] and a nearly linear Zr - O - C angle [170.5 (3)°]. Mol-ecules are aligned with their mol-ecular planes (through Zr, Cl, carbene and Cr) parallel to the ab plane. C - H⋯Cl inter-actions result in zigzag chains of mol-ecules propagating parallel to the b axis.

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