(m-Phenylenedimethylene)bis-(triphenylphosphonium) bis- [chlorido(pentafluorophenyl)aurate(I)] dichloromethane disolvate

Strasser C.E. ; Coetzee K. ; Cronje S. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2009)


The title compound, (C44H38P2)[AuCl(C 6F5)]2·2CH2Cl2, crystallizes with a twofold rotation axis through the central benzene ring in the bis-phospho-nium dication. In the crystal, the dications and anions are ordered into columns running parallel to the c axis by contacts of the pro-ylidic CH2 groups with the Cl atom of one and an ortho-F atom of another anion. The space between the columns is occupied by CH2Cl2 solvent mol-ecules.

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