Alignment between brand and company culture within Hollard Namibia

Grobler, Du Preez (2014-03)

Thesis (MBA)--Stellenbosch University, 2014.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Within the service industry, the brand is portrayed directly through the people within the organisation. Employees operating by the company’s central value system will live the values of the brand in their daily activities. A company that focuses on aligning their brand values and company culture as a strategic differentiator will be in a position to gain a competitive advantage. This study was conducted within Hollard Namibia and investigated if an alignment exists between the brand values and company culture and if so, to what extent. The investigation comprised a literature study on the alignment between brand values and company culture and included the concepts of organisational culture, models on organisational culture, brand as an equity, brand values, and brand alignment. Quantitative research methodology was applied to evaluate the existence of an alignment. A questionnaire designed by the Barrett Value Centre was used to collect the data. The results of the survey would then illustrate if there is an alignment and if it can be used as a strategic differentiator. The research proved that aligning your brand values and company culture can be used as a method to enhance an organisation’s competitive advantage and create successful future sustainability. This strategic alignment focus is not a once-off action plan. As the business changes, so must the values be amended to follow the changing demands of the employees and the industry it services. The research also proved that the stagnated gross profit margins in Hollard can be due to the absence of an active internal branding process within the organisation. After finalising the research assignment, it was concluded that the personal values, current cultural values and desired culture values of Hollard’s employees differ from each other. A high level of entropy was found and there was only a small alignment between the brand values and organisational culture within the organisation. The study recommends that the leadership team of Hollard Namibia develops and implements a strategic brand value awareness programme. This strategic plan must incorporate a culture of employee centricity within the organisation. Hollard Namibia (Pty) Ltd will maintain and extend its competitive advantage if it implements the suggested changes.

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