2-({4-[(1H-Imidazol-2-ylsulfanyl)methyl]-2,5-dimethylbenzyl}sulfanyl) -1H-imidazole

Applewhite M.J. ; Potts S.V. (2010)


The title compound, C16H18N4S2, was prepared by the substitution reaction of two equivalents of 2-mercaptoimidazole for every bromine substituent of 1,4-bis-(bromo-meth-yl)-2, 5-dimethyl-benzene. The mol-ecule is located on a crystallographic centre of inversion and therefore adopts a trans configuration with regards to the orientation of the two sulfur atoms. An inter-molecular N - H⋯N hydrogen bond forms layers of mol-ecules parallel to ( 03). The dihedral angle between the central and terminal rings is 174.8 (2)°.

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