Coaching as a development tool for managerial feedback

Kennedy, Maureen (2015-04)

Thesis (MPhil)--Stellenbosch University, 2015.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Giving regular performance feedback for improvement and indicating good performance is essential for individuals to function optimally in the work environment. Managers often avoid the task of giving feedback, especially negative feedback. This avoidant behaviour is manifested in different ways, including delegating the task of giving feedback, suppressing the information which managers believe is negative, avoiding giving feedback or not giving feedback at all. This study was aimed at answering the following questions: What are the factors contributing to the phenomenon of managers’ reluctance to give feedback? What are the factors contributing to the discomfort managers experience when faced with the task of giving feedback? Can coaching, as a development tool, contribute to enhancing managerial skills for executing the task of giving feedback? A qualitative study, using a case study approach, was conducted to determine the experiences, feelings and perceptions of managers when having to engage in giving feedback. The study design comprised individual coaching for participants, followed by semi-structured interviews to evaluate the learnings, changed perceptions and feelings and giving feedback, following the coaching process. The findings provided an in-depth understanding of the managers’ experiences and the contributory factors influencing the manner in which the task of giving feedback was executed. Recommendations were made on how coaching as a development tool can be utilized to enhance managerial skills for the task of giving feedback. Recommendations were made for future studies relating to managers having to engage in giving feedback.

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