Research Articles (Applied Mathematics)


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  • Die fassinerende meganika van hoppende fietswiele 

    Theron, Willem; Maritz, Milton (LitNet, 2016-05-26)
    Die gedrag van eksentries-belaaide wiele of hoepels het tydens die afgelope twee dekades aandag geniet, veral met betrekking tot sulke wiele se geneigdheid om te hop. Hier word ’n oorsig gegee oor die verskillende aspekte ...

  • A bio-economic application to the Cape Rock Lobster resource using a delay difference modelling approach 

    Roos, E. (Operations Research Society of South Africa, 2004)
    In many species, like the Cape Rock Lobster (Jasus lalandii), the life cycles of males and females differ. This may motivate the use of two-sex models in a stock-assessment analysis. It is also true for this resource, ...

  • Operations research and development 

    Fourie, P. (Operations Research Society of South Africa, 2007)
    The paper begins with a discussion of the concepts “operations research” and “development.” An overview is next given of the RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme), which still embodies the vision of development ...

  • On the(d)–chromatic number of a complete balanced multipartite graph 

    Burger, A. P.; Nieuwoudt, I.; Van Vuuren, J. H. (Operations Research Society of South Africa, 2007)
    In this paper we solve (approximately) the problem of finding the minimum number of colours with which the vertices of a complete, balanced, multipartite graph G may be coloured such that the maximum degrees of all colour ...