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    • Aligning Student and Supervisor Perspectives of Research Challenges 

      Albertyn, Ruth; van Coller-Peter, Salome; Morrison, John (SUN MeDIA, 2016)
      INTRODUCTION: The coursework to me was like riding a mountain bike on a mountain bike trail. It was tough at times, but a great adventure. The more you rode, the more skilful you became, both technically and theoretically. ...

    • Candidates, supervisors and institutions: Pushing postgraduate boundaries: An overview 

      Frick, Liezel; Bitzer, Eli; Albertyn, Ruth (SUN PRESS, 2014)
      INTRODUCTION: Academic boundaries are in some ways similar to national boundaries – they are set up to colonise and govern, but at the same time are constantly challenged to reaffirm their authority and meaning. The ...

    • Conceptualising risk in doctoral education: Navigating boundary tensions 

      Frick, Liezel; Albertyn, Ruth; Bitzer, Eli (SUN PRESS, 2014)
      Introduction: If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. – Jim Rohn Risk-taking is an important form of human behaviour, but can be conceptualised in different ways (Byrnes, ...

    • (Re)Considering Postgraduate Education and Supervision in the Knowledge Society 

      Fourie-Malherbe, Magda; Aitchison, Claire; Bitzer, Eli; Albertyn, Ruth (SUN MeDIA, 2016)
      INTRODUCTION: The title of this publication, Postgraduate supervision: Future foci for the knowledge society, locates higher education – and more specifically, postgraduate education and supervision – explicitly within ...


      Frick, Liezel; Albertyn, Ruth; Brodin, Eva; McKenna, Sioux; Claesson, Silwa (SUN MeDIA, 2016)
      POINT OF DEPARTURE: The social and economic significance of the doctorate is recognised across the world, as doctoral candidates are considered to be key contributors to the knowledge society by contributing to socio-economic ...