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    • No evidence of HIV replication in children on antiretroviral therapy 

      Van Zyl, Gert U.; Katusiime, Mary Grace; Wiegand, Ann; McManus, William R.; Bale, Michael J.; Halvas, Elias K.; Luke, Brian; Boltz, Valerie F.; Spindler, Jonathan; Laughton, Barbara; Engelbrecht, Susan; Coffin, John M.; Cotton, Mark F.; Shao, Wei; Mellors, John W.; Kearney, Mary F. (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2017)
      It remains controversial whether current antiretroviral therapy (ART) fully suppresses the cycles of HIV replication and viral evolution in vivo. If replication persists in sanctuary sites such as the lymph nodes, a high ...

    • PHD by Publication: An Institutional Analysis 

      Frick, Liezel (SUN MeDIA, 2016)
      INTRODUCTION: PhD1 theses generally follow one of two different formats. Firstly there is the (more traditional) monograph, which is written as a unified and coherent work, and which is most commonly found in non-laboratory ...

    • Procedurally Arbitrary Deprivation of Property 

      Van Der Walt AJ (Juta, 2012)

    • What is (post)quanlitative research? 

      Le Grange, L. (HESA, 2018)
      The (post)human turn has ushered in new ways of doing inquiry. (Post)humanism is the catalyst for news ways of thinking and doing research under an umbrella term called (post)qualitative research. In this article I discuss ...