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      academic and scholarly research; postgraduate research degree; universities in the knowledge society [1]
      Academic boundaries; postgraduate environment; [1]
      Academic Staff Development, social transformation, higher education [1]
      academic staff, development of academic staff, study and research, higher education, academic professional development [1]
      Advanced aging, premature ageing, natural medicine, grape products, oxidative stress, inflammation [1]
      crime prevenstion, safety sectors, measuring safety [1]
      critical professionalism; professional development; [1]
      Disaggregated freight flow [1]
      doctoral education; academic risk; higher education; balancing risk and innovation [1]
      doctoral studies; doctoral identity; doctoral student; knowledge acquisition and creation; doctoral education [1]
      doctoral studies; Graduate School; Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Stellenbosch University; doctoral education; doctoral production in South Africa [1]
      Female students; higher education; postgraduate woman; postgraduate degree;women’s education; postgraduate female students in higher education [1]
      governance and promoting democracy, public good, higher education [1]
      Higher education institutions, knowledge production, teaching programmes, teaching and learning [1]
      higher education studies, masters students [1]
      higher education studies, masters students, postgraduate studies [1]
      higher education, graduates, public good vs private asset; graduate attributes; process and a development [1]
      higher education, student learning, undergraduate programmes, student-centred learning and teaching [1]
      higher education; Postgraduate supervision; knowledge society [1]
      higher education; public good [1]