New species of Pelargonium (Geraniaceae) from Namaqualand

Marais E.M. (1999)


Pelargonium angustipetalum E.M. Marais, P. parvipetalum E.M. Marais and P. rubiginosum E.M. Marais are described as new species. Although all three of them are tuberous species with turnip-shaped tubers covered with dark brown peeling periderms and apically a short flattened stem from which the leaves and scape emerge, and thus belonging to section Hoarea (Sweet) DC., they have different types of floral structures. To ascertain their interrelationships within section Hoarea, their macromorphological characters, leaf anatomy and pollen morphology are compared to those of other species within section Hoarea. Illustrations of the three species as well as electronmicrographs of their pollen grains and a distribution map are provided.

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