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    Object – oriented Steel Member Design Framework [1]
    Object-oriented steel connection design framework [1]
    The occurrence and extent of collapse settlement in residual granite in the Stellenbosch area [1]
    Oorsake van padongelukke met verwysing na die R44 tussen Somerset-Wes en Klapmuts [1]
    An optimisation strategy for small airports [1]
    An overview of municipal information systems of Drakenstein municipality with reference to the Actionit open decision support framework [1]
    PAVDAM - probabilistic and volumetric design of asphalt mixtures [1]
    Performance Characterization of Cement Treated Sand Base Material of Mozambique [1]
    Personnel Allocation for Engineering Projects [1]
    Physcial hydraulic model investigation of critical submergence for raised pump intakes [1]
    Plastic shrinkage cracking in conventional and low volume fibre reinforced concrete [2]
    Post-calibration and quality management of weigh-in-motion traffic data [1]
    Precast modular construction of schools in South Africa [1]
    Prediction of damage to cement-based structures subject to tunnelling-induced settlements [1]
    A preliminary assessment of the hydrodynamics of the Touw River and Wilderness Lakes system with emphasis on the management of the estuary mouth [1]
    A preliminary concept for an LNG import terminal for Saldanha bay [1]
    Probabilistic analysis of monthly peak factors in a regional water distribution system [1]
    Probabilistic based evaluation of the structural reliability achieved for a typical building designed according to SANS 517:2009 and SANS 10162- 2:2010 [1]
    The probability of occurrence and the intensity of tropical cyclones along the Southern African East coast [1]
    A process to assist technology investment decisions in construction - a case study on labour productivity [1]