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    The behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete (SHCC) under biaxial compression and tension [1]
    The behaviour of strain-hardening cement composites under biaxial compression [1]
    Bend diversion to minimise sediment intake [1]
    Best practice of crane support structures design : an expert survey [1]
    CAD-supported preliminary column force calculations in multi-storey buildings [1]
    Calculation of the forces on a moored ship due to a passing container ship [1]
    The calibration of compound crump and sharp-crested gauging weirs in South Africa [1]
    Characterisation of material properties and behaviour of cold bituminous mixtures for road pavements [1]
    Characterisation of model uncertainty for reliability-based design of pile foundations [1]
    The characterisation of South African sea storms [1]
    Characterization of cracks on ultra thin continuously reinforced concrete pavements [1]
    Characterizing long wave agitation in the port of Ngqura using a Boussinesq wave model [1]
    A chronological review of South African guidelines for residential average annual water demand with property size as independent variable [1]
    ’n Chronologiese oorsig van Suid-Afrikaanse riglyne vir residensiële gemiddelde jaarlikse waterverbruik met erfgrootte as onafhanklike veranderlike [1]
    Comparative engineering costing and implications of commercial and smallholder irrigator design for projects [1]
    Comparative evaluation of the model-centred and the application-centred design approach in civil engineering software [1]
    Computational modelling of concrete footing rotational rigidity [1]
    Configurations of a piled row breakwater for a protected shallow water marina [1]
    Construction in in-situ cast flat slabs using steel fibre reinforced concrete [1]
    A contribution to the advancement of geotechnical engineering in South Africa [1]