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    Evaluating the decision criteria for the prioritisation of South African dams for rehabilitation in terms of risk to human lives [1]
    Evaluation of alternatives for hydraulic analysis of sanitary sewer systems [1]
    Evaluation of cold asphalt patching mixes [1]
    Evaluation of incipient motion criteria for rock in Reno mattresses and rip rap [1]
    Evaluation of the Catchment Parameter (CAPA) and Midgley and Pitman (MIPI) empirical design flood estimation methods [1]
    An evaluation of the minimum requirements for the design of rural water supply projects [1]
    Evaluation of the SDF method using a customised design flood estimation tool [1]
    The experimental determination of structural design parameters for roof covering systems [1]
    An experimental investigation into the behaviour of a 5 ton electric overhead travelling crane and its supporting structure [1]
    Experimental measurement and numerical modelling of velocity, density and turbulence profiles of a gravity current [1]
    An exploratory study into South African novice driver behaviour [1]
    Factors influencing asphalt compactibility and its relation to asphalt rutting performance [1]
    A feasibility study of utilising shipping containers to address the housing backlog in South Africa [1]
    Finite element analysis of tubular track system [1]
    Flexibility and performance properties of bitumen stabilised materials [1]
    Flow around cylindrical towers : the stabalising role of vertical ribs [1]
    hiResilient response and performance of bitumen stabilized materials with foam incorporating reclaimed asphalt [1]
    Hydraulic stability of multi-layered sand-filled geotextile tube breakwaters under wave attack [1]
    Hydrologic-economic appraisal of inter-basin water transfer projects [1]
    Hydrosalinity modelling of the Berg River using ACRUSalinity [1]