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    Development of provisional guidelines for the treatment of scale and resolution in assessing streamflow reduction impacts of alien plant infestations and commercial afforestation in water resources modelling studies [1]
    Discharge measurement at natural controls in Western Cape rivers [1]
    Distributed Collaboration: Engineering Practice Requirements [1]
    Domestic water demand for consumers with rainwater harvesting systems [1]
    Downstream changes in river morphology as a result of dam developments [1]
    A dry port as an expansion option for the Cape Town container terminal [1]
    Dynamic building model integration [1]
    Dynamic evaluation of the solar chimney [1]
    The economic evaluation of bus and minibus taxi terminals and transfer facilities [1]
    The effect of artificial reef configuration on wave breaking intensity relating to recreational surfing conditions [1]
    The effect of moment-rotation joint behaviour on the displacements of portal frames [1]
    Effect of paper mill ash on properties of expansive soils [1]
    The effect of seismic activity on reinforced concrete frame structures with infill masonry panels [1]
    Effect of seismic loads on water-retaining structures in areas of moderate seismicity [1]
    The effect of structure slope and packing arrangement on the hydraulic stability of geotextile sand container revetments [1]
    Ekonomiese besluitnemingskriteria vir wateraanvraagbestuur en waterbesparing [1]
    The electro-osmotic acceleration of infiltration into the subgrade of pavements [1]
    Engineering process model: Detection of cycles and determination of paths [1]
    Enquiry into sewage pump station problems with specific focus on removing solids [1]
    Environmentally significant morphological and hydraulic characteristics of cobble and boulder bed rivers in the Western Cape [1]