Polarization transfer observables for quasielastic proton-nucleus scattering in terms of a complete Lorentz invariant representation of the NN scattering matrix

Van Der Ventel B.I.S. ; Hillhouse G.C. ; De Kock P.R. ; Wallace S.J. (1999)


For the calculation of polarization transfer observables for quasielastic scattering of protons on nuclei, a formalism in the context of the relativistic plane wave impulse approximation is developed, in which the interaction matrix is expanded in terms of a complete set of 44 independent invariant amplitudes. A boson-exchange model is used to predict the 39 amplitudes that were omitted in the formerly used five-term parameterization, the SPVAT (scalar, pseudoscalar, vector, axial-vector, tensor) form of the nucleon-nucleon scattering matrix. Use of the complete set of amplitudes eliminates the arbitrariness of the five-term representation.

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