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    Variance and covariance component estimation of reproductive traits in a multibreed beef cattle herd applying linear and threshold models [1]
    The variation and prediction of structural timber properties of standing Pinus patula trees using non-destructive methods [1]
    Variation in sex determination and the application of the YY male technology for the production of all-male populations of the tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus [1]
    Die vaste suurgehalte van Suid-Afrikaanse moste en wyne [1]
    Vegetation change analysis and ecological recovery of the copperbelt Miombo woodland of Zambia [1]
    Vegetation patterns and dynamics of Renosterveld at Agter-Groeneberg Conservancy, Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    Verband tussen korrelkaraktertrekke en weerstandsvermoe van sekere druifvarieteite teen Botrytis cinerea (Pers.) [1]
    n Vergelykende ampelografiese en ampelometriese studie van die tros van verskillende wyndruifcultivars [1]
    Vergelykende anatomiese studies van een- en driejarige wingerdwortels (Vitis spp.) [1]
    Vergelyking van bestuurspraktyke van dorperboere in 1990 teenoor dorperboere in 2004 [1]
    Verkorting van die Ae. peregrina-verhaalde Lr59-translokasie van koring [1]
    Die versoenbaarheid van katoen/nylon- en katoen/poliester- skeringgebreide terriestofhanddoeke met industriele versorgingsprosedures [1]
    Veterinary public health aspects related with food-producing wildlife species in the domestic animal, human and environment interface [1]
    Viability of producing lignocellulosic biomass in the Cape Winelands District Municipality for bioenergy generation [1]
    Vine signal extraction : an application of remote sensing in precision viticulture [1]
    Virus induced gene silencing for the study of starch metabolism [1]
    Visualization of plant viral suppressor silencing activity in intact leaf lamina by quantitative fluorescent imaging [1]
    Volatile metabolic profiling of SA Chenin blanc fresh and fruity and rich and ripe wine styles : development of analytical methods for flavour compounds (aroma and flavour) and application of chemometrics for resolution of complex analytical measurements [1]
    Volatiles playing an important role in South African Sauvignon blanc wines [1]
    Volstruis as slagdier : aspekte van groei [1]