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    Early prediction of ripening and storage quality of pear fruit in South Africa [1]
    An easy-to-use index of ecological integrity for prioritizing freshwater sites and for assessing habitat quality [1]
    An ecological and hydrological evaluation of the effects of restoration on ecosystem services in the Kromme River System, South Africa [1]
    The ecology and potential factors limiting the success of Sable antelope in south eastern Zimbabwe : implications for conservation. [1]
    Ecology of the bushpig Potamochoerus porcus Linn. 1758 in the Cape Province, South Africa [1]
    An econometric analysis of the economic and environmental efficiency of dairy farms in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands [1]
    An econometric approach to estimating the unit cost of procducing milk in the South African dairy industry [1]
    An economic analysis of the impact of removing organic waste from small scale cage aquaculture systems in irrigation dams in the Western Cape [1]
    The economic contribution of home production for home consumption in South African agriculture [1]
    Economic value and genetic prediction of clinical mastitis in South African Holstein cattle [1]
    The ecophysiological characterisation of terroirs in Stellenbosch : the contribution of soil surface colour [1]
    Ecophysiological responses of citrus trees and sugar accumulation of fruit in response to altered plant water relations [1]
    Ecophysiological traits associated with the competitive ability of invasive Australian acacias [1]
    Ectoparasite assemblage of the four-striped mouse, Rhabdomys pumilio : the effect of anthropogenic habitat transformation and temporal variation [1]
    The edaphic and climatic effects on production and wine quality of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Lower Olifants River region [1]
    The effect of a creosote stockyard on the environment, vines and wines [1]
    The effect of acid buf and combinations of acid buf and socium bicarbonate in dairy cow diets on production response and rumen parameters [1]
    The effect of agricultural production system on the meat quality of Dorper lambs [1]
    The effect of an exogenous fibrolytic enzyme on forage digestibility parameters [1]
    Effect of Anolyte on broiler performance [1]