Application of the relativistic mean-field mass model to the r-process and the influence of mass uncertainties

Sun B. ; Montes F. ; Geng L.S. ; Geissel H. ; Litvinov Yu.A. ; Meng J. (2008)


A new mass table calculated by the relativistic mean-field approach with the state-dependent BCS method for the pairing correlation is applied for the first time to study r-process nucleosynthesis. The solar r-process abundance is well reproduced within a waiting-point approximation approach. Using an exponential fitting procedure to find the required astrophysical conditions, the influence of mass uncertainty is investigated. The r-process calculations using the FRDM, ETFSI-Q, and HFB-13 mass tables have been used for that purpose. It is found that the nuclear physical uncertainty can significantly influence the deduced astrophysical conditions for the r-process site. In addition, the influence of the shell closure and shape transition have been examined in detail in the r-process simulations. © 2008 The American Physical Society.

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