New parametrization for the nuclear covariant energy density functional with a point-coupling interaction

Zhao P.W. ; Li Z.P. ; Yao J.M. ; Meng J. (2010)


A new parametrization PC-PK1 for the nuclear covariant energy density functional with nonlinear point-coupling interaction is proposed by fitting to observables of 60 selected spherical nuclei, including the binding energies, charge radii, and empirical pairing gaps. The success of PC-PK1 is illustrated in the description of infinite nuclear matter and finite nuclei including the ground-state and low-lying excited states. In particular, PC-PK1 provides a good description for the isospin dependence of binding energy along either the isotopic or the isotonic chain, which makes it reliable for application in exotic nuclei. The predictive power of PC-PK1 is also illustrated for the nuclear low-lying excitation states in a five-dimensional collective Hamiltonian in which the parameters are determined by constrained calculations for triaxial shapes. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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