Adsorption of precious metals and base metals on a quaternary ammonium group ion exchange resin

Els E.R. ; Lorenzen L. ; Aldrich C. (2000)


Adsorption tests were conducted with a quaternary ammonium group ion exchange resin to determine the equilibrium adsorption of precious- and base metals. The resin used is a macroreticular polystyrene type 1 strong base anion exchange resin. The adsorption was determined for synthetic single metal solutions as well as for multi-component solutions. The effect of the Cl- concentration on the equilibrium adsorption was determined for three different HCl concentrations, i.e. 6, 8 and 10%. The effect of chloride strength in the solution was also determined for mixed and base metal solutions. Pure metals, i.e. platinum, palladium and gold, were dissolved in aqua-regia and diluted to 2000 ppm (as metal) in 4M HCl. Ruthenium, rhodium and iridium were dissolved from pure salts in HCl. A 2000 ppm base-metal solution was prepared by dissolving all the required components, including precious metals, to match an in-plant industrial base-metals solution composition. For each precious metal the equilibrium adsorption was determined for typically two solution concentrations. Data points were established by varying the amount of resin added to the solution. The equilibrium concentrations were determined by ICP analysis after 24 hours exposure using the bottle-roll technique.

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