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    The prevalence of postural deformities among children age 11 to 13 years in some Western Cape schools [1]
    A profile and training programme of psychological skills for track and field athletes [1]
    A programme to improve gross motor and selected visual perception skills of children who show signs of developmental coordination disorder [1]
    A psycho-educational programme for cricket players using neuro-linguistic programming [1]
    Psychological effects of retirement on elite athletes [1]
    A psychological skills inventory for sport [1]
    The relationship between anthropometry and respiratory muscle function in land- and water-based athletes [1]
    The relationship between children's physical fitness and their development of locomotor co-ordination [1]
    The relationship between task complexity and cerebral oxygenation in stroke patients [1]
    The relationship between the bunkie-test and selected biomotor abilities in elite-level rugby players [1]
    Die rol van aktiewe onderrigprogramme in die bevordering van akademiese vaardighede by Graad 2 leerders in die Stellenbosch omgewing [1]
    The role of mental toughness, psychological skills and team cohesion in soccer performance [1]
    Spele en ontspanning uit die Voortrekkertydperk [1]
    Sport-specific video-based reactive agility training in rugby union players [1]
    Sprint analysis of athletes with intellectual impairments [1]
    Sprinting kinematics of athletes with selected physical disabilities [1]
    The utilization of a customised training programme for club level netball players [1]
    The use of computerised games analysis to identify critical indicators of success in elite level netball [1]
    The value of graduated compression socks as a post-exercise recovery modality in long distance runners [1]
    Visual-motor response times in athletes and non-athletes [1]